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AQuest Wealth Strategies Charitable Giving


It is wonderful that you and your colleagues have the desire to help those in need in the community! Our daughter Caitlin attends Keith Bovenschen School in Warren, MI. It is one of the Macomb Intermediate School District's Center Program Schools. They provide educational services for students with moderate to severe cognitive impairments, ages 3-26. They currently serve 290 students from Southern Macomb County.

The Mission of the school is to enable students to achieve their highest level of independence and selfesteem in order to face the challenges of their everyday lives. The TAP·it is one of the tools that they are raising money for to help carry out their Mission of serving the handicapped community.

  • The TAP·it platform is the Touch Accessible Platform for Interactive Technology.
  • It is the first assistive learning center using 'intended touch' to serve each individual's special needs.
  • It is designed to recognize the difference between an arm resting upon the screen and a finger or assistive device intentionally tapping an image.
  • It is used for everything: literacy, math, science, and to increase social skills with other students.
  • It is great for students with visual impairments and fine motor delays.

For the students, the best feature is that it provides full access to the screen with easy adjustments that adapt to individualized needs. With the push of a button it adjusts to each child whether in a wheel chair, on the floor, or in other special seating that they may need. This allows EVERY student the ability to receive the benefits of the TAP·it!

They currently have one that is used for the whole school but find it very difficult to share among the 15+ classrooms. They are raising money for a second one at a cost of $10,000 and the computer that goes with it which is $1,000.

As parents of a handicapped child, we understand first-hand the many challenges educating the physically and mentally disabled child. We hope that this information will encourage you to support these children with special needs.

Thank you for your consideration!
Scott and JoAnn O’Neill


Last Thanksgiving, we sent out a letter to all of our clients, reminding them of how thankful we at AQuest Wealth are for their continued support. The letter explained that we wanted to support the things that are important to them, and asked that they write a letter explaining what charity was close to their heart and why. We would then choose one letter that touched us the most, and donate $1,000 to that charity. The response was overwhelming, and we want to thank everyone who nominated their favorite charity. We ended up choosing Catholic Social Services of Wayne County based on a letter from Tina. With Tina’s permission we have also included a copy of her initial letter nominating CCS. I highly recommend that you read the amazing letter that she wrote by clicking on this link. Going down to CCS to present them with the check, and being able to see first-hand how valuable the work that they do is was extremely rewarding. Being able to support our client’s causes the same way that they support us was a great honor, and we look forward to making this an annual tradition!

The Winning Letter

Funny you should ask. I was just explaining to someone yesterday what my preferred charity is and I’m willing to bet I am the only one who will probably recommend it. My charity is Catholic Social Services of Wayne County. You have probably never heard of them; most don’t know who they are or what they do unless they have had the unfortunate misfortune to require their services. (And, yes, I realize that sentence contains a double-negative; something I typically try to avoid).

Anyway, I have chosen this charity because CSS was there for me as a child when no one else was. At the age of 5, myself and my 3 older sisters were taken away from our mother since she was deemed an unfit parent by the state of MI. We became wards of the state and that’s when Catholic Social Services got involved. They were given the task of finding homes for 4 children who no longer had a family to care for them. I ended up in with a Foster Family, separated from my sisters and although it was the most frightening thing I had and probably ever will experience I realize now it was a blessing in disguise. If it were not for the help of CSS in placing me AND my 3 sisters with a loving, caring family (no easy feat) I would not be the person I am today. It truly frightens me to think of how I would have ended up had this turn of events not happened. I was just a baby (indirectly) when all of this happened and was given an opportunity of a lifetime. My sisters, however were several years older than me and had been under the influence of my selfish parents for too long to know any better. As a result, all 3 of my sisters ended up runaways as teenagers, living on the streets or with friends and eventually turning to drugs. I have lost 2 sisters to drugs and unfortunately it is only a matter of time before I lose the 3rd. My sisters had a combined total of 11 children, all but two of those children ended up in foster care and have not seen their mother since.

Ok, so I’m babbling now and probably saying WAY more than I need to, but I guess I wanted to show the whole picture of the kind of damage bad parenting can cause and therefore the true blessing and necessity organizations such as Catholic Social Services really are. There are so many kids in the system just wanting to be happy and feel love from another human being that it is truly heartbreaking. I believe that during the holiday season it’s a great opportunity to show these kids that they are NOT alone and there are people that truly care!

Thanks for reading this.