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New Green Initiatives

At AQuest Wealth, we are single-mindedly focused on strategies that seek to help clients create, grow, and conserve their wealth. In order for our clients to enjoy their bright futures, the earth is going to have to be as healthy as their balance sheets. We firmly believe that every country, corporation, and individual has a responsibility to be a good steward of the rich environment that we have inherited. In that spirit, AQuest Wealth has implemented a system where we will review our resource usage semi-annually. The goal of these reviews is to determine how we can live on this earth more softly by utilizing fewer natural resources. At the same time we realize that some clients are not concerned with environmental issues, and should not have a higher cost structure forced upon them in order to reduce our environmental footprint. That is why we will be updating this site semi-annually to inform you what we have done, and are currently doing to save resources; as well as how much money that we have saved doing so. AQuest Wealth believes in one type of green as much as the other, and is excited to be an example to other individuals and small businesses that you can increase profitability AND environmental consciousness at the same time.

The first project was actually implemented May 1st of 2009, our first day in business. Starting a business from scratch was expensive, so we were looking for ways to save money right off the bat. We identified that if we scanned in all of our documents instead of making copies, and held them on secure, offsite servers, we could eliminate:

  • Buying file cabinets
  • Renting square footage to house file cabinets
  • Buying paper to make copies
  • Running the air conditioner and furnace to cool and heat the extra square footage
  • Buying ink to print copies

As of July 1st, 2011 we have scanned and e-filed 39,000 MB of client files, which is approximately 200,000 pages of paper. This has saves us from purchasing 400 reams of paper at $6 per ream, saving AQuest $2400 in the last two years alone!

Each ink cartridge can print about 3,000 pages. Therefore, we have not had to purchase 67 cartridges. At $120 per cartridge, we saved another $8,040.

We also did not have to buy the four file cabinets that we would have needed to store the files, saving $2,000.

Those file cabinets are pretty big, and would have needed a separate 100 sq ft room just to store them. At our current $15 per square foot rental rate, that adds up to $3,000; not including the heat, air conditioning, and insurance I didn't have to spend on the extra space.

Taken as a whole we have saved $15,440 in the first two years in business by making one simple, efficient, and easy to use change!

One ream is 500 sheets of paper. The average tree creates 17 reams, or 8500 pieces of paper. AQuest’s e-filing system was therefore able to spare 24 trees. We were also able to not buy the steel in the cabinets, or leave the empty cartridges sit in a landfill for the next million years before it biodegrades. Finally, AQuest reduced its carbon footprint by not heating or cooling extra office space that was not needed to store file cabinets.

Based on the screaming success of our first green initiative, AQuest Wealth is excited to get started on our next environmentally conscious project. Beginning July 1st, 2011 we are going to introduce every client that we meet with to paperless statements. Although e-statements will not produce any direct savings for AQuest, it also won’t cost us anything. We hope that it can make our clients lives easier by reducing the paperwork they have to deal with, and save hundreds of trees at the same time.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on how our newest green project progresses.