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Jason Van Duyn founded AQUEST Wealth Strategies on a philosophy of continuous education. At AQuest, we believe that each member of the team must always continue to re-educate themselves in order to keep up with an ever-changing economy. The team is then able to educate their clients on the current environment, and some of the most effective strategies to deal with that environment.

Another core philosophy of AQUEST is honor. Honor is also the reason for the AQUEST name. Jason’s grandparent’s and father immigrated to Michigan from what was left of the Netherlands shortly after living through the Second World War. His grandfather died soon after building a house for his family.  53 years later, the name AQUEST was developed from the Dutch word “acquest” which means “to gain”. Jason chose this name to honor the sacrifices that his family made to allow him to succeed. 

Please contact us to let AQUEST help you pursue what it is that you are looking for.